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Full Version: Clint Howard
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Chimp with a Limp
Let's start with a photograph shall we?

You may or may not know this actor, brother of Hollywoods Ron Howard*, but he is quite the in-joke between Tara and myself as he is ALWAYS bit parting in films. Especially Ron Howards films to be precise. The IMDB lists that so far he has had parts in 18 or more of his brothers films.

Too hideous to really play any kind of leading role apart from the likes of serial killer/stalker, he does not have what you would call the Hollywood look. Check out his IMDB entry - note the sheer amount of work he has done.

He was also a prominant child actor, like Ron, playing the lead role in Gentle Ben (playing a child, not a bear). However, he came to mind tonight, when - much to my surprise and disgust, he was in a very very early episode of Star Trek - The Original Series** aged about seven years old. He looked incredibly freaky, with a 'bald wig' on and big fake bushy eyebrows. He played a super intelligent alien revealed at the end in a pseudo twist. The weirdest thing was that it was voiced by an adult, so here we have the bizarre looking Clint Howard, in full weird makeup which somehow made him look crazier, being voiced by someone else.

He has his own little weird show on his homepage:

* Director of Da Vinci Code, Cinderella Man, Apollo 13 etc
** I really should make a seperate board about this too. I'm currently downloading the 10.5 gig torrent of the full original series. So camp! Such terrible effects! Spock! Shatner! Bones! Scotty! I'm in heaven!
Penn and Teller
Ever see him in Carnosaur? 'Tis one of the great lost classics of modern cinema or perhaps not.
I never saw Carnosaur but I remember there was a small spate of cheap UTV shows that fawned over it in post production because they some how felt it was going to be the next Jurassic Park. You couldnt turn on saturday morning tv without some terrible example of special effects they were making for Carnosaur being shown. This was before anyone else could afford cgi and Carnosaur was a filthy low budget gorexploitation straight to video film with zero plot so you can imagine such specials usually involved radio controlled minatures bought from a hobby shop and some fireworks for pyrotechnics. It was pretty horrible.
Chimp with a Limp
Clint Howards awkward internet variety show

Worthwhile for the constant humorous sniping at his brother Ron Howard, especially when he interviews The Fonz at the end

Curse you Ron! You got all the looks and talent!
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